We founded Luminas Lighting LLC in 2007 to bring well designed and inteligent LED lighting solutions to the US market. From our groundbreaking LightRail and LighTape products to our easy to integrate transformer and controls solutions, Luminas products are made to be easy to specify and install. Robust output, excellent thermal management and versatility in communication with most of today's top control platforms makes Luminas Lighting your top choice for your architectural lighting needs.


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·  Up to 90% energy savings as compared to incandescent. Luminas LEDs achieve huge energy and cost savings for hospitality, commercial, and residential applications.

·  Up to 50,000 hours of useful life = low maintenance cost. Luminas LEDs are designed to perform for years, making them ideal for locations that are hard to access.

·  The green solution. In a single year, LEDs have the potential to save billions of dollars in domestic energy production and tons in carbon emissions. Further, LEDs do not contain toxic mercury and are free of the harmful UV emissions associated with conventional lighting solutions.

·  Extremely durable. Free of filaments, moving parts or fragile glass, Luminas LEDs can withstand high levels of shock and vibration.

·  Reduced heat = greater safety. greater safety.
Luminas LEDs generate low levels of heat and operate at
low voltages, making them among the safest lighting solutions on the market.

·  Richer, more natural color. Eliminate the cold look and annoying flicker of fluorescent lighting. Luminas LEDs deliver warm, high-intensity light that is similar to the color spectrum of natural sunlight.

·  Tight color control. Open a new world of design possibilities with control over color, brightness, intensity and saturation.

·  Highly directional. Significantly more directional than conventional lighting, Luminas LEDs increase useful illumination, eliminate light pollution and dramatically enhance details in intricate designs.

·  Versatility in the workplace. Luminas LEDs can be adapted to fit most workstations for ultra-efficient lighting, making them ideal for LEED certified and other green projects.